The feast of the miraculous Resurrection of Jesus Christ is also called Easter, which means separation, separation, apostasy from sins and return to God. Easter is one of the five holidays of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church. After the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, in the evening, pious people removed His body from the cross and placed it in a tombstone, covering it with a large stone. Three days later, on Sunday morning, the anointed ones – Mary Magdalene, Mary, the mother of Jacob, and Solomon – went to the tomb to anoint the body of Christ with incense, but were surprised to see that the stone at the entrance to the temple cave had been removed, and the tomb was empty .While they were perplexed, two angels appeared and said: “Why are you looking for the living among the dead? not here, but rose again” (Luke 24:5-6). The women announced to the apostles the news of the resurrection, after which Jesus appeared to them. The Resurrection of Christ became the foundation of Christian doctrine and faith. “If there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not risen

English 04.04 2023

1. What does “obligation” mean?

a) something you want to do

b) something that is a good idea to do

c) something you might do

d) something you must do

2. What does “landlord” mean?

a) the person who lives in the apartment next to you

b) the person who owns the apartment you live in

c) the person who cleans your apartment for you

d) the person who comes to repair things in your apartment

3. What does “pay back” mean?

a) to return money that someone lent you

b) to pay in advance

c) to pay your bills

d) to lend someone money


While I was walking down the street yesterday. I saw a friend of mine He looked in a shop window. I started to cross the road to say hello to him. While I crossed the road, I heard a noise. A bus came in my direction! The bus stopped very close to me, I was lucky it didn’t hit me!

1. I’m good player but Steve is better than me and jane is the best player in the school.
2.Question 1 was easy Question 4 was easier than question 1, and question 6 was the easiest wuestion of al.
3..Last night’s match was exciting, but Saturday’s match was more exciting, but Saturday’s match was the most exciting
4.Yesterday was a bad day for me, but Thursday was worse than yesterday. and Friday was the worst.

1.They ran home quickly
2. She smiled happily
3.My brother speaks French fluently
4.The hairdresser cut my hair very badly
5.I answered all the questions easily
6.Our team played very goodly


1.This book isn’t written in English.
2.Many films are produced in Hollywood.
3.The Olympic Games aren’t held every year.
4.Chocolate is made from cocoa beans.
5.Thousands of Beatles CDs are sold every year.
6.How many cans of coke are bought every day?
7.How often is the World Cup held?

1.We let (+) our dog go into the living
room, but she isn’t allowed to (–) go
into the bedrooms.
2.We aren’t allowed to (–) eat in class.
3.My parents don’t let (–) me play football
in the garden.
4.You are allowed to (+) take photographs here.
5.My brother let (+) me use his camera.
6.In Britain, when you’re 17 you are allowed to (+)
drive a car.

My dad has been ill in bed for four days.

My cousins have lived in their house for 20 years.

I haven’t seen Jane since 10 o’clock.

I really like this CD, but I haven’t listen to it for a long time.

My sister’s boyfriend has phoned her eight times since Friday.

We haven’t eaten anything for breakfast.