Complete the sentences with the past progressive.
1. The girls were playing (play) cards.
2. Greg was looking (look) for his wallet.
3. Mr Miller was not washing (not wash) his car.
4. Susan was doing (do) her homework.
5. They were not playing (not play) football yesterday afternoon.
6. I was waiting (wait) for her in the park.
7. Carol and I were having (have) dinner when he arrived.
8. We were playing (play) the guitar when she entered.
9. Tom was not swimming (not swim) in the pool.
10. The boys were cycling (cycle) home from school.
11. She was working (work) in her office.
12. I was not learning (not learn) the new words.
13. Ann was lying (lie) on the beach.
14. We  (sit) on the bench for a long time.
15. He was phoning (phone) his aunt.

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