Exercise 2

Write down the past progressive of the verbs in brackets.
1. We were writing (write) the essay together.
2. Frank was preparing (prepare) breakfast.
3. Mrs Summers was not listening (not listen) to him.
4. Daniel was doing (do) the shopping.
5. They were not reading (not read) the book.
6. I was having (have) a shower.
7. He was not watching (not watch) TV.
8. We were swimming (swim) in the sea.
9. Tom and I were visiting (vist) the castle.
10. The sun was shining (shine).
11. She was cleaning (clean) the windows.
12. I was showing (show) them most of the sights.
13. Ann was not taking (not take) a lot of photos.
14. We were playing (play) voleyball on the beach.
15. They were talking (talk) to their neighbours.

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