1) Miss Chatter got a lot of postcards on her birthday .
(What)What got Miss Chatter on her birthday ?
2) Last year thew inter was cold and snowy. (When)

When was cold and snowy?
3) Yesterday Tiny wrote a Christmas card to his friend
Billy. (Why)Why wrote Tiny a Christmas card?
4) Jill ’s cake was tasty and nice. (Was)

Was Jill ’s cake tasty and nice ?
5) He ran very well the day before yesterday. (How)

How ran he the day before yesterday ?
6) They lived in a small house. (Did)

Did lived they in a small house ?

I got up a t 9 o’clock. In the bathroom I washed (wash) my
hands, face and cleaned (clean) my teeth .
I had (have) jam and bread and drank (drink) milk for
breakfast. Then I ran (run) to school.
In the evening I sat (sit) in an armchair, read (read)
Tiny’s fairy tales and watched (watch) TV. At 10 o’clock I went
(go) to bed.

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