1.This book isn’t written in English.
2.Many films are produced in Hollywood.
3.The Olympic Games aren’t held every year.
4.Chocolate is made from cocoa beans.
5.Thousands of Beatles CDs are sold every year.
6.How many cans of coke are bought every day?
7.How often is the World Cup held?

1.We let (+) our dog go into the living
room, but she isn’t allowed to (–) go
into the bedrooms.
2.We aren’t allowed to (–) eat in class.
3.My parents don’t let (–) me play football
in the garden.
4.You are allowed to (+) take photographs here.
5.My brother let (+) me use his camera.
6.In Britain, when you’re 17 you are allowed to (+)
drive a car.

My dad has been ill in bed for four days.

My cousins have lived in their house for 20 years.

I haven’t seen Jane since 10 o’clock.

I really like this CD, but I haven’t listen to it for a long time.

My sister’s boyfriend has phoned her eight times since Friday.

We haven’t eaten anything for breakfast.










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