Lesson 24.09

1 Adnan:Are they American?
Eda:No,they aren’t .They are Britsh.
2 Mum: Are you and Dave Ok?
Alex:No,we aren’t.
3 Arne: Are you from China ?
Girl:No we aren’t.We are Japan.

1 A: Is Simon Australian?
B:No,I think Simon is British
2 A: Is Avatar a good film ?
B: No, Avatar is very interesting.
3 A: Tokio Hotel ? Are they pop group?
B: Yes, they are great!
4 A: Are Pietro and Daniela from Italy?
B:No, they’re Italian,they՛re Swiss.

1 Are The Killers a popular band in your country?

2 Is Daniel Craig British or American?

3 Is Camden Market in London?

4 Are Christian Bale and Hugh jackman actors?

5 Is Kia a japanese company?

6 Is Chessington World of Adventure a theme park in England?

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