B. Which of these sentences are true? Write the correct ones down.

1.Ethel often borrowed things. No, she doesn’t .

  1. Fanny often borrowed things. True
    3.Ethel often lent things to Fanny. False
    4.Fanny often lent things to Ethel. It’s true.
    5.One day Ethel lost her bag. False
    6.One day Fanny lost her bag. True
    7.Fanny liked carrying something in her hand.False
    8.Fanny did not like carrying things.True
    9.There was a shed at the end of Ethel’s garden.No, she doesn’t
    10.There was a shed at the end of Fanny’s garden.True

C. Write this story, but do not put pictures: put words.
Ethel’s house is in a small . It has a small garden
at the back, and there is a hause in it. Ethel keeps her wheelbarrow
there. Ethel is a clever girl . She works in a office .
This is Ethel. She is at the door of her house, and she’s got a bag
in her left hand? Because she is going to the shops.

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