Lesson 1

Text 11,page 24(Oxford Stories) to read the text and translate the unknown words

Hometask:ex.a,b,page 25

Mr. Day was a teacher at a school in a big city in the north of England. He
usually went to France or Germany for a few weeks during his summer holidays,
and he spoke French and German quite well.
But one year Mr. Day said to one of his friends, ‘I’m going to have a holiday
in Athens. But I don’t speak Greek, so I’ll go to evening classes and have Greek
lessons for a month before I go.’
He studied very hard for a month, and then his holidays began and he went
to Greece.
When he came back a few weeks later, his friend said to him, ‘Did you have
any trouble with your Greek when you were in Athens, Dick?’
‘No, I didn’t have any trouble with it,’ answered Mr. Day. ‘But the Greeks

B. Which of the answers to these questions are right? Write them down.

  1. Why did Mr. Day have Greek lessons?
    a. Because he liked evening classes.
    b. Because he wanted to visit Greece.
    c. Because he did not like French and German.
  2. How long did Mr. Day stay in Greece?
    a. A month.
    b. A few weeks.
    c. One year.
  3. What did the Greeks have trouble with?
    a. Mr. Day’s Greek.
    b. Mr. Day’s friend.
    c. Mr. Day’s holiday.

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