1. Read and find.
Find the adjectives and write them in the boxes.
I like my bedroom. I share it with my brother. We’ve got a big, blue toy
box and a fast, new computer. There are two small desks where we do
our homework. My brother has got a cool, red bed that looks like a racing
car. My bed is tall – I need to climb a ladder to get to it!
We can use adjectives to describe people and things.
2. Choose the answer!
Read the sentence. Choose the correct answer.
a. I’ve got a __________________.
train blue
blue train
b. We had a __________________.
big lunch
lunch big
c. I want a __________________.
game new
new game
d. She’s got a __________________ bike. red big
big red
e. He’s got __________________ hair.

short, black
black, short
f. I’ve got __________________.
blues eyes
blue eyes
g. I like __________________.
old movies
olds movies

3. Make it right!
Find the mistake, underline it and write it correctly.
a. We’ve got a car small. __small car_____
b. There was a grey, big elephant. ___________________
c. She’s got two reds shoes. ___________________
d. I’ve got brown, long hair. ___________________
e. He’s got a toy new. ___________________
f. There are three smalls dogs. ___________________

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