1.My Mum watches the news on Tv at nine
2.Tom goes swimming every weekend .
3.Paul plays football with his cousin every Sunday
4.We eat fish on Fridays.
5.My friend ask a lօt of questions in our English lessons.
6.My parents read three newspapers on Sundays!


She is always late
We usually eat chicken on Monday.
I always go shopping at the weekend.
I am tired usually in the morning .
The teacher often smiles at us.
I eat fruit ever hardly .

12 o’clock
7 o’clock
half past 10
20 to 6 o’clock
12 to 15 less

The phone’s ringing ! Dont answer/ Answer it for me,please
2.Great to see you !Come again!
3.Don’t watch the football tonight! I want to see a film.
4.Write to her soon! She misses you.
5.This food is awful. Don’t eat it!

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